Friday, 30 September 2016

Fearless Art

I'm featuring an art process featured in Lifebook 2016 by Annie Hamman called Fearless Art.
I chose a picture from a magazine and started from there, creating a portrait.

As a part of one of the Lifebook 2016 exercises/prompts, you are to create a basic portrait then allow a child to come and add to it (which will feel like messing it all up) and then must try to incorporate the elements as best as possible and add to them to create your painting.

Unfortunately, I didn't take pics along the way, but this is how it ended up...

She is some sort of mystical creature, with a flower in her hair, a feather hanging from her nose ring, stars for freckles, and choker featuring a giant green stone around her neck.

This was a great exercise! It's hard to let go of the outcome when you create art, and this forces you, it forces you to allow influences into your painting that change the entire end result. It forces you to let go of realism and attachment and view the world a little more as children do, without the boundaries that keep one inside the box. It creates art that is more about the process of art making than the finished image.

I didn't have a child around at the time, so a friend of mine who does not consider himself artistic, came to the rescue and agreed to "mess up" my painting for me.

I will be trying this with a child soon and show you what comes of it. I'm very interested to see the difference! 

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